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Plants will be hard put to handle greenhouse gases, scientists say

Another telling bit of evidence is outlined in this newspaper narrative: http://azstarnet.com/news/science/plants-will-be-hard-put-to-handle-global-warming-gas/article_e106b776-6d2c-551d-ae01-65f0feda0485.html

Nature (wild nature) votes last

More succinct words here from columnist Timothy Egan. But will Mitt and Paul give a damn?

2 views of a superstorm in context of climate change


No talk about climate and guns in presidential talkfests

So, one of the biggest factors ever in the world of conservation goes on without any bluster at all from presidential wannabe Mitt Romney and already-President Barack Obama. This article has the numbers that support the headline above. So, in any case, vote Romney for dog catcher and give Paul Ryan a big boost to becoming the municipal sanitary engineer.

‘Stop the War on Coal Act’ passes

This is more evidence, for those who care about Earth, of who not to vote for in November.

Climate study: Western wildfires burniing longer, bigger

More depressing news in this article for lovers of Wild America. But don’t count on the “inside-the-beltway” crowd to do a damn thing. After all, they’re just too busy tallying up their re-election campaign dollars.

The social cost of carbon: Do the math

Of one thing we can be sure. Continued, unregulated emissions of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, will impose some pretty terrific and awful costs on the U.S. of A. and the rest of planet Earth. This article helps explain the math.

New gas-mileage standards saving oil, cutting emissions?

Higher fuel efficiency standards will cut oil use and greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the gist of this article. But it is what is beneath the headline that really makes a difference  as far as the health and well-being of fish and wildlife populations: The presence of roads and their fragmenting effect on the landscape everywhere. How about we start shutting some roads and restoring some migratory corridors and making protected areas “whole” again in the process.

Loading the climate dice

I lived just across Lake Champlain from where I now call home for three years in the late 80s. Our house on Plattsburgh Air Force Base (base housing) sat atop a bluff overlooking the lake. I remember watching the lake freeze over in early winter as well as the comings and goings of wildlife visiting Crab Island due east from us. My home here in Vermont is at virtually the same latitude as that house at Plattsburgh was, yet the weather is markedly different. It’s warmer, much warmer. I can’t imagine living in Georgia again. That’s where Monica and I started our 31-year marriage. Read what columnist Paul Krugman has to say about this whole climate change thing.

We’re all climate-change idiots

That, friends and neighbors, is the headline over this NY Times op-ed piece I just grabbed from the paper’s Web site. It’s a good read and I don’t have much argument at all against the central thesis of the work. On target. Spot-on. And please remember, buckaroos, that there is no such thing as “clean coal.”