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UN report warns of widening climate gap

Sure, today’s a holiday. And that means the bulldozers of “progress” are mostly stilled for the day. But they will be back, leveling more forests, more individual trees and fragmenting migration routes and more. And all the while, the climate keeps changing and humans are responsible. Here’s the latest report from the United Nations.

Let the coal burn! And China and India are doing just that

Amazing the amount of press time/coverage a lousy rock, aka “coal,” gets around the world. And never mind the carbon dioxide emitted whenever a supply of those rocks are burned – for heat, for electricity, for steam, etc. What would the Molly Maguires think today? Read here to learn about the role of coal in China and India. Not good.

Coal reality: Time to face facts

And one of those facts we need to stop ignoring is this: It is past time – way past time – for us to stop burning the dirty rock called coal. We are both ruining our planet’s atmosphere and ruining the landscape called America by mining and then burning coal. The West Virginia Gazette offers this editorial.

Climate change: Admitting the problem a first step

This well-crafted and well-researched article focuses on Delaware and the Delaware Bay, but its conclusions are widely applicable.

‘Stop the War on Coal Act’ passes

This is more evidence, for those who care about Earth, of who not to vote for in November.

Satellites see unprecedented Greenland ice sheet surface melt

Yet another big piece of evidence that Earth’s climate is changing – for the worse – and humans are to blame. Will politicians act? Nah, they’re too busy tallying up the campaign contributions that just rolled in from Big Oil and Big Coal and other assorted corporate polluters.

Global warming’s terrifying new math

Vermonter Bill McKibben’s new essay can be read at this link.