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What warming climate will flood

Folks who go gaw gaw at the prospect of a summer weekend at, say, Rehoboth Beach or Assateague Island, or any one of hundreds of other coastal spots will be out of luck before not too long. But their descendants will find things even wetter. Planning a trip to Miami Beach, Fla.? Better go now as it is among the places that will someday be inundated due to rising sea levels. Take a look at these maps.

The idiots who don’t believe global warming, or climate change, or any other slice of science

My friend conservation columnist Ted Williams offers this insightful look at the deniers. Whatta crew.

Let the coal burn! And China and India are doing just that

Amazing the amount of press time/coverage a lousy rock, aka “coal,” gets around the world. And never mind the carbon dioxide emitted whenever a supply of those rocks are burned – for heat, for electricity, for steam, etc. What would the Molly Maguires think today? Read here to learn about the role of coal in China and India. Not good.

Gun nuts now happy iwith Romney

The Republican presidential wannabe has kissed and made up with the NRA and other firearm freak groups – the same orgs that crazily believe President Obama is out to take away their pistolas. What a bunch of crazies. And none of it has anything to do with conservation. Read all about the nutcases.

‘Stop the War on Coal Act’ passes

This is more evidence, for those who care about Earth, of who not to vote for in November.

A closer look at extreme drought in a warming climate

I once lived, for nearly three years, in central Oklahoma while serving at Tinker Air Force Base outside Oklahoma City. The neighborhood in which my late wife and I bought our first home was destroyed a decade or so later by a tornado. In any case, humanity can expect more extreme weather as we alter our planet’s climate. And let’s remember this: Earth is the only planet we have to live on. The headline above goes over this article.

Trace Mitt’s climate change trajectory

The Mitt is already a sure winner – for chief rocket scientist of the year. Hah. Learn about the candidate’s climate-change beliefs and changing beliefs and more.

The 10-year forecast: Drought

That’s the NY Times’s headline over this article. Here in Williston, Vt., it just rained again, another half-inch at least, with lightning and thunder accompaniment. But I can believe the climate forecast calls for drought. I once lived in Oklahoma. And before that in Texas. Both have been hit hard lately by drought.

Global warming’s terrifying new math

Vermonter Bill McKibben’s new essay can be read at this link.

changing climate changing Native way of life up north

Just how much more evidence does Congress and the world need before taking action to stem climate change, or even just delay the tipping point? Don’t look for anything other than business as usual from the friends of Big Oil.