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UN report warns of widening climate gap

Sure, today’s a holiday. And that means the bulldozers of “progress” are mostly stilled for the day. But they will be back, leveling more forests, more individual trees and fragmenting migration routes and more. And all the while, the climate keeps changing and humans are responsible. Here’s the latest report from the United Nations.

Quote of the week

World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General Michel Jarraud said the 350 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere since 1750 “will remain there for centuries, causing our planet to warm further and impacting on all aspects of life on earth.”

Let the coal burn! And China and India are doing just that

Amazing the amount of press time/coverage a lousy rock, aka “coal,” gets around the world. And never mind the carbon dioxide emitted whenever a supply of those rocks are burned – for heat, for electricity, for steam, etc. What would the Molly Maguires think today? Read here to learn about the role of coal in China and India. Not good.

Coal reality: Time to face facts

And one of those facts we need to stop ignoring is this: It is past time – way past time – for us to stop burning the dirty rock called coal. We are both ruining our planet’s atmosphere and ruining the landscape called America by mining and then burning coal. The West Virginia Gazette offers this editorial.

Bill McKibben: Do the math on climate change

And the math says it is real and is happening right now. The Oregonian paper offers this.

When it comes to ‘energy,’ politicians can’t see through the smog

The energy world portrayed in the debates – one in which coal is ‘clean’ and oil and gas companies will lead the US to a new era of energy abundance – is an illusion carefully crafted by the fossil fuel industry. Oh, and be sure and look over the muddy filth contained in the photograph accompanying this feature-length article from today’s Christian Science Monitor. That, my friends, is what is happening to our natural heritage, in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Nature (wild nature) votes last

More succinct words here from columnist Timothy Egan. But will Mitt and Paul give a damn?

Surprise! Candidates are pandering to coal interests

Shocking, shocking. Who would have guessed? The rock of black dirt, and carbon, fame is still alive. Burn coal, burn!


Trace Romney’s views on climate change

Actually, he appears to share Senator James Inhofe’s view that it is all a big hoax. Well, heck, you can read about Mitt’s stance right here. Then vote for the other guy.

We’re all climate-change idiots

That, friends and neighbors, is the headline over this NY Times op-ed piece I just grabbed from the paper’s Web site. It’s a good read and I don’t have much argument at all against the central thesis of the work. On target. Spot-on. And please remember, buckaroos, that there is no such thing as “clean coal.”