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Climate study: Western wildfires burniing longer, bigger

More depressing news in this article for lovers of Wild America. But don’t count on the “inside-the-beltway” crowd to do a damn thing. After all, they’re just too busy tallying up their re-election campaign dollars.


Wildfires, worsened by drought, burn in Oklahoma

I lived south of Oklahoma City for about three years in the mid 1980s, while serving at Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City. So I feel for today’s Oklahomans. One cannot help but wonder just how our changing climate is making conditions more favorable for wildfires. Read about it here.

Scientists sorting out beetle/fire relationship

I bet there is a dominant relationship between our changing climate and the spread of bark beetles. Read this article for the journalism look.

Connecting the dots: How climate change is fueling western wildfires

This isn’t rocket science. And things have changed a lot from the days in the late 60s when I attended a conservation camp for teenagers in the panhandle of Idaho and us campers helped dig a fireline. Yes, the changing climate is to blame for several wildfire-related issues. Read about it here, thanks to the National Wildlife Federation.

Winter wildfires a rarity for Reno area but warming climate could make them more common

More media outlets who’re thinking long-term, not just chasing ambulances, cop cars and fire engines in pursuit of “breaking news,” are now using words and phrases like “climate change” and “warming climate” and “sea-level rise” in their headlines and copy. The Reno, Nev., Gazette-Journal is a great example. From their Sunday edition comes this piece with a great lead-in photo.

Hot, long summer of heat, fire fits climate-change projections

Read a wire service’s account here. And don’t give much credence to the “he said, she said” style of reporting. The science is there and humans are to blame.