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ORV battle on Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Earth to beach buckaroos: Get your machines off the beach please.

New gas-mileage standards saving oil, cutting emissions?

Higher fuel efficiency standards will cut oil use and greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the gist of this article. But it is what is beneath the headline that really makes a difference  as far as the health and well-being of fish and wildlife populations: The presence of roads and their fragmenting effect on the landscape everywhere. How about we start shutting some roads and restoring some migratory corridors and making protected areas “whole” again in the process.

Appeals court upholds EPA ‘endangerment’ finding on climate

In a victory for advocates of EPA action to reduce global warming pollution, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has just announced that EPA acted properly in assessing the risks of climate change and has taken appropriate action under its authority.  The decision is a blow to petitioners, various states and industry groups, who are challenging pollution standards the EPA is promulgating to rein in global warming. Industry was arguing EPA was improperly construing the Clean Air Act and that it was acting arbitrarily.

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Connecting the dots: How climate change is fueling western wildfires

This isn’t rocket science. And things have changed a lot from the days in the late 60s when I attended a conservation camp for teenagers in the panhandle of Idaho and us campers helped dig a fireline. Yes, the changing climate is to blame for several wildfire-related issues. Read about it here, thanks to the National Wildlife Federation.

ATV, dirt bike noise a neighborhood nuisance

A nuisance? That’s the best choice of words the headline writer of this piece could come up with? Hah. Off-road cowboys and their machines are hardly just a nuisance in many cases. Try “abusers” of natural lands. Try “usurpers” of trails.  Try “destroyers of wildlife habitat.”

Here’s proof – again – that we live in a car-centric society

The proof is in the $10 million a company expects to spend on its new showroom/parking lot in Boise, Idaho. You can read about it here. Meanwhile, on a street near you, the roadkill toll mounts. The latest victims: Skunk, raccoon, white-tailed deer, American robin, Northern Cardinal, Black-capped Chickadee, American crow. eastern cottontail, gray squirrel, eastern chipmunk, and on and on and on. And, buckaroos, you can learn a little bit of how roads detgrade and eliminate wildlife habitat by visiting this link.

How green are electric cars? Depends on where you live

Electric cars that are recharged from a plug-in within Pennsylvania are almost assuredly drawing electricity generated at a polluting coal-fired power plant. Before moving to Vermont, I lived about 35 miles from one such source of greenhouse gas pollution. These suckers are everywhere. Read about the greenness of electric cars here.

More oil vs. cars and trucks

This essay from the National Wildlife Federation is a good read. Makes sense, given the media’s fascination with the gas-price signs now blanketing the parking lagoons at this convenience store and that convenience store.

My newspape column: Roads vs. Wild Nature

I have been writing about the effect roads have on wildlife and habitat for many years. The road-builders, of course, keep on plowing and paving and grading and salting and picking up the carnage they help create. My latest stab on this is here.

O.E.C.D. warns of continue reliance on fossil fuels

The Republican presidential wannabees probably see reports like the one discussed in this article as part of a liberal plot to undermine the moneyed fortunes of their campaign contributors, like Big Oil, Big Coal, etc. But this report is no joke and Earth, our only planet, can’t take the abuse we’re handing out.