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The idiots who don’t believe global warming, or climate change, or any other slice of science

My friend conservation columnist Ted Williams offers this insightful look at the deniers. Whatta crew.

James Hansen: ‘Neither party wants to offend the fossil fuel industry’

From Climate Progress comes this piece about NASA’s Dr. James Hansen. In it, Hansen talks about why scientists (and he is a model) must speak out about the threat posed by the burning of fossil fuels.

‘Stop the War on Coal Act’ passes

This is more evidence, for those who care about Earth, of who not to vote for in November.

The case of the great thaw

This is a good read, but kinda depressing. I thought the same after reading Bill McKibben’s “Eaarth” and Dr. James Hansen’s climate change treatise.

Group of 8 affirms climate change efforts

Wow. This will finally, finally end the madness of burning fossil fuels forever and ever. Wanna bet? Sure, sure you say. And you are likely on the mark. The Group of 8 certainly got some positive PR-type news coverage, but that’s about it. You can read about it all here and get a look at the Group of 8 leaders hamming it up for camera people.

Scientists: Cut methane and soot to slow warming

I don’t like this argument because it, in effect, says it’s OK to emit carbon dioxide becase methane and soot are the real issues. How about dealing with and reducing all three?

EPA goes after smog-causing gunk in drilling regs

This is certainly a positive development. But how about “conservation” in the first place? Like turning the lights off? And what about the fragmentation and outright destruction of wildlife habitat that accompanies nearly every new natural gas well? Why no media attention to that fact? Duh.

The truth, still inconvenient

Indeed it is, as that New York Times op-ed page headline correctly points out. The headline appears on top of today’s Paul Krugman column. Krugman correctly points out, as well, that the joke isn’t on the GOP as much as it is on the human race.

Obama team moving positively on Appalachian coal mining

Something the W. Bush apologists bent over backwards NOT to do. The mountaintop removal proposal should be vetoed outright, as this NY Times editorial from today’s edition explains. Yes, it’s too late for dozens of other Appalachian mountains, which were blasted apart and turned to rubble in order to get to the coal they sheltered. And even more destructive to fish and wildlife has been the filling of valley streams with the post-dynamiting rubble from such mining operations. Stop the MADNESS, Mr. President.

Old-style coal plants going up across country

Burn, baby, burn, Pollute, baby, pollute. Here’s the sad story.