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2 views of a superstorm in context of climate change

Appeals court upholds EPA ‘endangerment’ finding on climate

In a victory for advocates of EPA action to reduce global warming pollution, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has just announced that EPA acted properly in assessing the risks of climate change and has taken appropriate action under its authority.  The decision is a blow to petitioners, various states and industry groups, who are challenging pollution standards the EPA is promulgating to rein in global warming. Industry was arguing EPA was improperly construing the Clean Air Act and that it was acting arbitrarily.

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A fresh look at how humans are loading the climate dice

This nice piece includes a video highlighting snippets of the writer’s interview of Dr. James Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, New York City. Hansen, many will remember, put climate change before the greater public with his testimony before a Senate committee chaired by then Sen. Al Gore in 1988. I recall seeing coverage of that hearing moving on the Associated Press wire.

U.S. pushes to cut some emissions blamed for changing climate

Too little, too late is my take on the action described in this article.

Harsh political atmosphere puts climate science behind curve

That is the gist of this feature from today’s NY Times. While the politicos listen the denalists and their campaign contributions, the world gets in deeper kimchi.

State of the wild: Perspective of a climatologist

This paper was written  by Dr. James Hansen, of NASA. He’s the subject of the book “Censoring Science.”

Climate video carries a rich and strong message

Watch and listen to this video, with the voice of climate activist and author Bill McKibben. Then connect the dots – and dots – and more dots.