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Oklahoma, where the denial comes right before the drought

I lived in Oklahoma, a half-hour’s commute from Tinker Air Force Base, where I was assigned, for nearly three years in the 80s. When I saw and read this article, I just had to share it here. So read it and then remember that Oklahoma is represented by denier-in-chief James Inhofe in the U.S. Senate. Whatta champ. Well isn’t he?

Experts: Adirondacks should prep adaptation strategies for climate change

The experts include Paul Smith’s  College professor Curt Stager. This piece from North Country Public Radio is straightforward. Oh, and there is no “debate” on whether climate change is occurring. It is and human actions are to blame.

UN report warns of widening climate gap

Sure, today’s a holiday. And that means the bulldozers of “progress” are mostly stilled for the day. But they will be back, leveling more forests, more individual trees and fragmenting migration routes and more. And all the while, the climate keeps changing and humans are responsible. Here’s the latest report from the United Nations.

Watch a polar bear live online

Just click on this link to watch. And then think about why national governments, our own included, are not doing a lot more to help this Arctic species.

Global warming silence on Sunday tee vee talkfests

Lots of chitchat and yodeling these days on the Sunday talkfests. The pundits and their happy news teams do, however, leave a lot to be desired when it comes to really discussing the planet-wide mistake known as global warming (also goes by the title “climate change.:)

FIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) offers this critique of such  bastions of talking as “Meet the Press.”

Bill McKibben: Do the math on climate change

And the math says it is real and is happening right now. The Oregonian paper offers this.

For Mitt, climate change is just a laugh line

The Republican nominee is now a stand-up comedian. Only the generations to come won’t see the humor upon reading up on Mr. Romney.

‘Stop the War on Coal Act’ passes

This is more evidence, for those who care about Earth, of who not to vote for in November.

The social cost of carbon: Do the math

Of one thing we can be sure. Continued, unregulated emissions of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, will impose some pretty terrific and awful costs on the U.S. of A. and the rest of planet Earth. This article helps explain the math.

Research suggests climate-change impacts to Puget Sound

Here’s more evidence that human actions are wrecking wild nature. Does anyone, left or right, GOP or Democrat, care about the problem? I know Sen. Bernie Sanders does because he has told me so in letters of reply to me. In the meantime, the global carbon dioxide parts-per-million point is just shy of 400. Read what research has found about Puget Sound.