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Plants will be hard put to handle greenhouse gases, scientists say

Another telling bit of evidence is outlined in this newspaper narrative:

Global disaster? Climate change not on today’s media agenda

According to the National Climatic Data Center, July 211 to June 2012 was the hottest 12-month stretch on human record. But even as the devastation resulting from humanity’s ongoing alteration of the Earth’s atmosphere became more and more obvious, coverage of the 2012 presidential election campaign seemed completely impervious to the effects of climate change,”the media watchdog organization FAIR reported. You can read about FAIR’s findings right here. The conservation impact of what we humans are doing to our fish and wildlife heritage by burning fossil fuels goes well beyond the crisis faced by one or two species.

Let the coal burn! And China and India are doing just that

Amazing the amount of press time/coverage a lousy rock, aka “coal,” gets around the world. And never mind the carbon dioxide emitted whenever a supply of those rocks are burned – for heat, for electricity, for steam, etc. What would the Molly Maguires think today? Read here to learn about the role of coal in China and India. Not good.

Pine beetle working group seeks funding for campaign against the critter

The scourge of the pine beetle is largely the result of a warming climate. There are now dozens of invasive, destructive insect species at work in forests, both on public and private lands. Think gypsy moth.Think hemlock woolly adelgid. For starters.

Deciding where future disasters will strike (thanks to climate change)

This op-ed is a good read. The first point is all too true: Stop water from flowing in one direction and it naturally has to go in another direction. Duh.

Crimes against wildlife

This article from Twin Falls, Idaho, takes a nice hard look at poaching and the investigatory tricks employed by investigators. But there remains a whole other class of what could just as easily be called criminal: The ongoing destruction, paving over, fragmentation and outright loss of fish and wildlife habitat.

This is how we ride

That’s “ride” as in riding bicycles. Yes, burn calories, not petroleum. See and smell the world as you cycle, not in just the occasional glance from the driver’s-side window. Read more.