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Rodents for Mitt Romney

Vote today! Elect Mitt Romney the municipal sanitation inspector general. Yes.

No talk about climate and guns in presidential talkfests

So, one of the biggest factors ever in the world of conservation goes on without any bluster at all from presidential wannabe Mitt Romney and already-President Barack Obama. This article has the numbers that support the headline above. So, in any case, vote Romney for dog catcher and give Paul Ryan a big boost to becoming the municipal sanitary engineer.

Debate ends abruptly as the prez’s punch lands

It’s rich satire from Andy Borowitz at this link. Go for it.

For Mitt, climate change is just a laugh line

The Republican nominee is now a stand-up comedian. Only the generations to come won’t see the humor upon reading up on Mr. Romney.

Mitt sets new record for faking empathy with Americans

Read the satirical look at last eve’s so-called “debate” right here.

Gun nuts now happy iwith Romney

The Republican presidential wannabe has kissed and made up with the NRA and other firearm freak groups – the same orgs that crazily believe President Obama is out to take away their pistolas. What a bunch of crazies. And none of it has anything to do with conservation. Read all about the nutcases.

Four ways the two candidates differ on climate change

In some ways, I saw more smarts on the faces around me in my first college biology course than I see on the faces of the two presidential candidates. Amazing how low we continue sinking as a society.

Anyway, the Christian Science Monitor offers this in-depth look at how Obama and Romney differ when it comes to the future of the planet.