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An area of Arctic ice bigger than the U.S. melted this year

The evidence continues to mount, and still the deniers in Congress won’t tackle the issue.

Climae change fallout: A Del. neighborhood heading underwater

In fact, the southeast corner of Wilmington, Del., is doomed to be under the water of the Atlantic Ocean by end of the century.And still, the politicians in Washington worry about their campaign war chests and not much else. Read more here.

Resort towns see beach replenishment an investment in future

But people who actually think see the pumping of sand onto eroding beaches as a waste of tax dollars and a losing battle anyway. Why? Because the sea level is rising because of human-caused climate change and folks had better get used to it (at the same moment they emit more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere). In any case, you can read about the whole debacle right here.

Republicans: Drill-now-drill-everywhere legislation

The Republican members of Congress are clearly answerable only to Big Oil and Big Oil’s campaign contributions when it comes to what federal public lands and waters ought to be opened to rapacious oil drilling. Republicans have unveiled a drill-now-drill-everywhere bill to replace Obama’s sensible plan that would allow drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. Never mind the health of fish and wildlife populations and all that other “stuff.” Oil, let’s drill for it now, they say.

Saving the coastline: Australia shows the way

Australia’s plan to protect its coastline shows the wisdom of saving natural resources by simply letting them be.

Learn more by reading this.

Chesapeake Bay’s Tangier Island among climate change’s victims

Rising sea levels, a result of the melting of polar ice and the Greenland ice cap by the human-caused warming of the atmosphere (climate change!), are swamping Tangier Island off Virginia’s mainland coast. Some folks, this article notes, see engineering and high-tech stuff as the solution, forgetting that nature bats last in this human-caused debacle. Yes, a way of life and a rich marine culture are at risk, but it does no good to blame anybody other than ourselves.

Coastal Virginians turn blind eye to preparations for climate-change-caused sea-level rise

This backlash to astute planning is amazing. In all my years of service at Langley Air Force Base, hampton, Va., I would never have guessed that this kind of backlash was inside Virginians near the base, which is right on the Chesapeake Bay coast and is itself threatened by rising seas.

Living on thin ice, in Antarctica

OK, there’s not a lot of reading here, which is good news for tee vee viewers and those folks hooked on video games. But the pictures do tell a helluva story. If only the friends of Big Oil and Big Coal, a k a members of Congress, would wake up.

North Pole under seige by global warming

A fine NY Times editorial.