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Shell delays Arctic oil drilling until next year

Aw, shucks. Big Oil (and its moneyed supporters in Congress) had to have been salivating over Shell’s push to sink a well in the Arctic Ocean. Too damn bad the first plans didn’t work out. Here’s a report.

Romney plan would expand oil drilling

Mitt is indeed a close buddy of Big Oil and polluters in general. The guy will say anything to get the big bucks needed to buy billboard space in all the so-called “swing” states. The GOP candidate is about as far from the world of real science as a politician could hope to get. Read about the friend of Big Oil.

Republicans: Drill-now-drill-everywhere legislation

The Republican members of Congress are clearly answerable only to Big Oil and Big Oil’s campaign contributions when it comes to what federal public lands and waters ought to be opened to rapacious oil drilling. Republicans have unveiled a drill-now-drill-everywhere bill to replace Obama’s sensible plan that would allow drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. Never mind the health of fish and wildlife populations and all that other “stuff.” Oil, let’s drill for it now, they say.

Conservation groups sue over Arctic drilling

Ten environmental advocacy groups filed suit in federal court in Alaska to try to force Shell and the Interior Department to take additional steps to protect the Arctic Ocean from oil spills. This article has the details.

Oil drilling in the Arctic: Don’t allow it, Mr. President

A careful read of this NY Times article on this subject contains one very glaring error: The Arctic Ocean is now nearly ice-free, and humans’ reliance on the fossil fuel known as petroleum (or oil, if you will) is a big part of the problem. Humans, especially, it seems, those who live in McMansionville of the suburbs, have forgotten how to walk. Hell, I regularly watched suburbanites in northeastern Pennsylvania get into their cars and drive a hundred yards to the end of their driveway just to grab the day’s postal mail from their rural mailbox. What a waste, and the president’s plan to continue dependence on oil by allowing drilling in the Arctic is a non-starter.

True Oil proposes drilling in Bridger-Teton National Forest

Better look now before it’s been industrialized.

New process to expedite drilling on public land

Politicians continue searching for every little nook and cranny they can en route to the trashing of public land in srvice to Big Oil. This article highlights the latest travesty.