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UN report warns of widening climate gap

Sure, today’s a holiday. And that means the bulldozers of “progress” are mostly stilled for the day. But they will be back, leveling more forests, more individual trees and fragmenting migration routes and more. And all the while, the climate keeps changing and humans are responsible. Here’s the latest report from the United Nations.

The idiots who don’t believe global warming, or climate change, or any other slice of science

My friend conservation columnist Ted Williams offers this insightful look at the deniers. Whatta crew.

A farm bill tat helps the planet, not just crops


Resort towns see beach replenishment an investment in future

But people who actually think see the pumping of sand onto eroding beaches as a waste of tax dollars and a losing battle anyway. Why? Because the sea level is rising because of human-caused climate change and folks had better get used to it (at the same moment they emit more greenhouse gas into the atmosphere). In any case, you can read about the whole debacle right here.

RThe politics of climate change

This outstanding paper, co-authored by conservationist George Wuerthner, is made available courtesy of the Rewilding Institute, which is run, in part, by conservationist Dave Foreman.

Poll: Most Americans believe climate change is real

And not a hoax, to finish the thought. But will this survey and its results push real, substantive action by our legislators? I doubt it. Besides, they got limos to catch in time to make the flight to Williamsburg, Va., and the next big governors’ conference.

Appeals court upholds EPA ‘endangerment’ finding on climate

In a victory for advocates of EPA action to reduce global warming pollution, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has just announced that EPA acted properly in assessing the risks of climate change and has taken appropriate action under its authority.  The decision is a blow to petitioners, various states and industry groups, who are challenging pollution standards the EPA is promulgating to rein in global warming. Industry was arguing EPA was improperly construing the Clean Air Act and that it was acting arbitrarily.

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