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BP banned from government contracts in U.S.

The Environmental Protection Agency took the action of barring the petroleum giant from doing any contractual bidness with the U.s. in light of the Big Oil company’s dismal record. You can read all about the EPA’s action right here.

Gulg spill harmed small fish, studies indicate

The bad results of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continue to unravel, as this article notes.

Yes, new Gulf ‘oil spill is BP’s petroleum

Tests performed on Thursday confirmed that the oil found on the Louisiana shoreline after Hurricane Isaac was in fact from the BP spill in 2010. This piece offers some details.

Isac churned up leftovers from the BP spill in Gulf of Mexico

The area that was among the hardest hit by the BP spill has led to Louisiana state wildlife officials announcing the emergency closing of some coastal waters to commercial fishing. It’s the gift that, you know, keeps on . . . Read more.

Republicans: Drill-now-drill-everywhere legislation

The Republican members of Congress are clearly answerable only to Big Oil and Big Oil’s campaign contributions when it comes to what federal public lands and waters ought to be opened to rapacious oil drilling. Republicans have unveiled a drill-now-drill-everywhere bill to replace Obama’s sensible plan that would allow drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. Never mind the health of fish and wildlife populations and all that other “stuff.” Oil, let’s drill for it now, they say.

Offshore drilling fees pay for new national forest lands

Oh, so this angle means that is OK to punch holes in Earth in offshore places like North Carolina? This is sloppy journalism, among other things, and a dangerous connection for the nation’s conservation policy to become enveloped within.

BP feared Gulf oil spill of 3.4 million gallons a day

That’s what company officials feared, according to the texts of e-mails analyzed by the NY Times and described in this article. So, when should we expect another big spill? Actually, the thousands upon thousands of small spills from American motor vehicles alone equals a helluva lot of spilled petroleum.