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Climae change fallout: A Del. neighborhood heading underwater

In fact, the southeast corner of Wilmington, Del., is doomed to be under the water of the Atlantic Ocean by end of the century.And still, the politicians in Washington worry about their campaign war chests and not much else. Read more here.

Climate change: Admitting the problem a first step

This well-crafted and well-researched article focuses on Delaware and the Delaware Bay, but its conclusions are widely applicable.

Drought becoming more widespread; now on Delmarva

Delmarva, for landlubbers, is the peninsula that separates Chesapeake Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. And the southern third of Delmarva is now in a “moderate” drought. Read about it here.

A bird, a crab, and a struggle to survive

As always, humankind’s reluctance to even understand the web of life is at play in the biological connectivity described in this article. The bird is the red knot, a shorebird, and the crab is the horseshoe crab. The place is Delaware Bay. Monica and I had the good fortune to see red knots on several occasions, usually on the beaches at Cape May Point, N.J. Anyone who doesn’t even strive to understand (comprehend?) the web between red knots and the rest of marine life has got to be a cold-hearted SOB. IMO.

7 piping plover chicks hatch at Del. state park

Cape Henlopen is a nice place. It is due south of Cape May, N.J., on the southern shore of Delaware Bay. You can read about its piping plovers here.

A shorebird, a crab, and hope

The bird is the Red Knot, the marine animal is the Horseshoe Crab and the place is Delaware Bay. This article does the explaining in good detail.

Urbanization threatens mid-Atlantic fisheries

This is hardly a shocking expose or a sudden awakening of people to a longtime cause of water quality decline and habitat degradation. Yes indeed sprawl has negative impacts on fisheries and thus the human industries that live off those fisheries. Surprise, surprise. Read about it in this article from a Delaware paper.