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Oil drilling off the coast of Virginia?

Sure, sure. Let’s despoil Virginia Beach, the Eastern Shore, more, more. A few million tar balls? No problem. Just pretend they don’t exist. And, best of all, we can keep motoring. Walking? Are you kidding? Read a nice letter to the editor on this whole notion.


A well-oiled machine: ExxonMobil

This piece from the NY Times takes a god look at a new corporate history book about the Big Oil king and its political influence. Now remember this: No business, including ExxonMobil, or moneyed individual gives money to a political campaign just to be nice. Nosiree. That financial gift comes with strings, such as “vote my way,” not the “right way.

How to prevent oil spills? Promise polluters jail time

Because, as this piece points out, simply fining the polluters doesn’t work as a prevention tool; it’s simply the cost of doing business.

Russia: Oil spill capital of Earth

The average strip mall parking lot in the U.S. of A., with its attendant petroleum spills from the motor vehicles of faithful shoppers, is nothing compared to what happens in Russia every day of every week, according to this in-depth look at the country’s aging and leaking petroleum infrastructure. No doubt, there are Republicans in Washington, D.C., who just love this stuff.

Floodwaters in Chesapeake watershed makng bad situation worse

Every new parking lot and strip mall makes it worse, but most elected leaders, especially in Pennsylvania, think only of the property tax dollars that new sprawl development brings into their municipal treasuries. What a debacle.

Two decades of toxic spills

The Yellowstone River and Gulf of Mexico oil spills were big, alright, but they were just among dozens and dozens of spills to occur in across the lower 48 states in recent years. This map shows where, and how big. Not shown, of course, are the hundreds of thousands of spills that occur daily on parking lagaoons in all 50 states and then some.

Pipeline spills put safeguard agency under scrutiny

Chronic under-staffing is only one of the glitches faced by the federal agency charged with looking after the safety and surety of the nation’s network of petroleum pipelines. This article spells it out.