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Rising temperatures: An ice-free Arctic means new conflict

Energy independence? Right, bucko. At what cost? And I don’t mean in dollars alone.

Interior grants permission for Shell to drill in Arctic

I can’t help but feel that this gambit by Shell is all about politics on the part of the Obama presidency – i.e., proof that the Obama camp wants to find and use domestic petroleum. What a joke.

Climate change deniers’ new focus: Sea-level rise

Having largely failed to convince most Americans of their junk science agenda, the denier industry has turned its attention to the rising sea level around the globe. This article looks at the problem from a North Carolina perspective. And, yes, it matters. The Outer Banks barrier islands are major players in the regional economy. I know this from my own visits.

Sea ice in Arctic measured at record low

The underlying cause of the ongoing melt is, of course, our planet’s changing climate for which we humans are responsible, not sun spots or some other cause from outer space. The NY Times has the story.

Greenpeace activists climb Russian oil rig in Arctic Ocean

Activists scaled the side of an oil-drilling platform in the Arctic Ocean, suspended themselves on ropes and unfurled a banner that said “Save the Arctic” as workers above sprayed cold water on them.

Don’t governmental leaders fathom the “why” behind protests like this? Seems pretty damn easy to me. Read more.

Sea kayaking to the front lines of climate change in the Arctic

Reading this bumped up my wish to travel to the Alaskan North Country and I live on land that’s not far at all from the North Country of the Adirondacks, New York. Well, anyway, things are changing and changing fast in Alaska and the Arctic Ocean and human activities – our burning of coal to make electricity and our burning of petroleum for fuel and heat – that emit carbon dioxide are to blame.

changing climate changing Native way of life up north

Just how much more evidence does Congress and the world need before taking action to stem climate change, or even just delay the tipping point? Don’t look for anything other than business as usual from the friends of Big Oil.

Republicans: Drill-now-drill-everywhere legislation

The Republican members of Congress are clearly answerable only to Big Oil and Big Oil’s campaign contributions when it comes to what federal public lands and waters ought to be opened to rapacious oil drilling. Republicans have unveiled a drill-now-drill-everywhere bill to replace Obama’s sensible plan that would allow drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. Never mind the health of fish and wildlife populations and all that other “stuff.” Oil, let’s drill for it now, they say.

Conservation groups sue over Arctic drilling

Ten environmental advocacy groups filed suit in federal court in Alaska to try to force Shell and the Interior Department to take additional steps to protect the Arctic Ocean from oil spills. This article has the details.

Record low snow and ice in the Arctic

There is no “bad” news, only “news.” Hah. Personal preference. Like “bad” weather. In fact, there is only “weather.” In any case, here’s the latest “bad” news about the Arctic Ocean’s disappearing ice cap. Lower latitudes are in for a rough climate once it’s all gone.