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Dumping of toxins on Native Americans’ land OK (?)

NPR reported this story. Check out the lovely, scenic photo that accompanies the on-line version of the reporting. Wow.

A final refuge for gray wolves

Americans, especially those who call themselves Westerners and reside in Wyoming and states near the Cowboy State just can’t seem to find room in their hearts, or in their political kingdom, for all of America’s native wildlife, most particularly the Gray Wolf. The craze among these rifle-toting folks is shoot first and to heck with ecology and the predator’s role in a healthy ecosystem. Read about the final refuge here.

Wake up, BP (the oil spill king)


Way of the wolf in Wyoming

That “way” is shoot to kill, as this opinion piece from the NY Times points out in dry fashion. In Wyoming, and in a few other spots in the West, it’s almost as if the OK Corral is back in fashion and to hell with America’s wildlife heritage. I wistfully remember when thenInterior Secretary Bruce Babbitt helped free reintroduced wolves at Yellowstone back in the Clinton days. There was real promise then; now it’s shoot, shoot and shoot again. What a debacle and shameful disgrace.

Questions, media rules for interview of trout fisher Dick Cheney

Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen lays it all out in this satirical look back at the former vice president’s tenure and more.

Judge upholds congressional change to wolf status

More than ever, the whole scenario surrounding the northern Rockies population of the Gray Wolf is a case of management not by science but by innuendo and special interest legislation. So much for Conservation Biology.

Shooting death of bison nenews debate over last pure herd

Talk about a PR problem. This would be it. Only thing is, it’s been going on for more than a decade, thanks to public land ranchers and their lobbying dollars. The bison that live within Yellowstone National Park in the summer and roam outside the park’s political boundaries (not ecological!) in the winter, constitute the nation’s last genetically pure herd. THEY NEED ROOM, as in ECOLOGICAL room. Read more here.