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The pledge of wildlands

Jose’s pledge:

I am for wilderness.

I’m for protecting the places close to my home and close to my heart.

I’m for rugged mountains and pristine forests.

I’m for cleaner air and water.

I’m for protecting wildlife habitat and species.

I’m for keeping our wild heritage alive.

Wilderness makes me happy, helps my community and protects the environment — and I want a better future for the wild places I love.

I am for wilderness. Are you?

– Jose Arroyo

A leader is honored for leaving the land alone

This, my latest newspaper column, is a look back at Frank Church and an ex0ploration of saving places for the wildness.

The race to document biodiversity

I think it was in an edition of “Wild Earth” journal that I once read about the supposed desirability of using the phrase “natural heritage” vs. “biodiversity,” at least in public discourse. In any case, read about the race in this piece.

A voice in the wilderness for wild fish (and wildness)

That’s the underlying message of this op-ed from the Boise, Idaho, paper, The Idaho Statesman. I pay attention to what’s going on in Idaho because it really is my home state. Anyway, ripping down the four lower dams on the Snake River would be an excellent start to bringing wild salmon and steelhead back to Idaho.

Transgenic salmon and humility

This piece, authored by Timothy Egan, speaks very well for itself. “Wildness” continues to be lost, in organism after organism. That cannot be good. Our natural heritage — biodiversity, if you will — is already under attack on so many fronts.

Western Repubs nearly hoarse after shouting to media about federal wild land thinking

Just mere words “wildness,” “wilderness” or “wild land” are enough, it would seem, to turn on the motor mouths of some Republicans in the West. Read about the tizzy.

Quote of the week

“There’s wild, and then there’s wolverine.”

– Doug Chadwick