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Oklahoma, where the denial comes right before the drought

I lived in Oklahoma, a half-hour’s commute from Tinker Air Force Base, where I was assigned, for nearly three years in the 80s. When I saw and read this article, I just had to share it here. So read it and then remember that Oklahoma is represented by denier-in-chief James Inhofe in the U.S. Senate. Whatta champ. Well isn’t he?

Will the GOP repeal the law of gravity?

After all, the law of gravity represents “over-regulation” by the libruls. Right? Check out this instructional posting from Al Gore.

Who cooked the planet?

Politicians who gave into the temptations of greed and showed great cowardice are, in fact, behind the Senate’s failure to act and act now. NY Times columnist Paul Krugman lays it all out in this column from today’s edition. Right on, Paul.