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No end to legal battle aver Nevada forest road and fish

Journalist Scott Sonner has been writing about conservation and fish and wildlife for a lot of years. I remember seeing his byline on stories moving on the Associated Press wire during my tenure at a Pennsylvania daily newspaper. In any case, the battle he writes about in this article has been going on just as long and it highlights what a road can do to fish and wildlife habitat.

Forest fire research questions use of prescribed blazes

The research, examined in this article, says big, natural forest fires actually promote biodiversity.

The forest fires this time

This op-ed piece by writer Timothy Egan, whose book on the epic northern Idaho fire of many decades ago is a great read, holds nothing back in pointing out the connection between human-caused climate change and the new vagaries of Wild Nature. Will Mitt Romney and his cohorts and even President Obama start clamoring for decisive action to stop the human trashing of our atmosphere? Don’t count on it, sadly.

Goodbye to the mountain forests of the West?

That would appear to be the new reality, as this piece from the New York Times states in good fashion. It’s no longer a matter of attempting to save and restore the status quo, it’s a matter of helping the land adapt to the climate humans are changing.

Big NM wildfire likely a precursor of blazes to come

The AP reporters whose names are in the byline to this piece mention “climate change” and “drought” in their copy. It’s about time those factors got the kind of media attention they deserve. As for politicians? I forecast another call for the logging of forests to make them “healthy,” just as we saw during the two Bush eras.

Drilling fee revenue buying new national forest lands

I have no problem with buying land for conservation purposes, but there’s something not right about allowing drilling just to get revenue for buying land. If society had its head on right, it would simply stop with the drilling and find another way to fund land purchases. Like a dedicated sales tax on gasoline. In any case, here’s an article about dedicating the revenue from drilling fees toward buying land.

Timothy Egan on trees, public land and our natural heritage

This column by Timothy Egan, in today[s NY Times, says exactly what I have been trying to say in comments to other articles and my own columns for weeks now. In any case, Americans do not have – among the Republican candidates – anyone who even understands what conservation is all about.