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Dumping of toxins on Native Americans’ land OK (?)

NPR reported this story. Check out the lovely, scenic photo that accompanies the on-line version of the reporting. Wow.

Floodwaters in Chesapeake watershed makng bad situation worse

Every new parking lot and strip mall makes it worse, but most elected leaders, especially in Pennsylvania, think only of the property tax dollars that new sprawl development brings into their municipal treasuries. What a debacle.

Two decades of toxic spills

The Yellowstone River and Gulf of Mexico oil spills were big, alright, but they were just among dozens and dozens of spills to occur in across the lower 48 states in recent years. This map shows where, and how big. Not shown, of course, are the hundreds of thousands of spills that occur daily on parking lagaoons in all 50 states and then some.

Toxic chemicals used in gas drilling, congressional report says

I knew this revelation would come out sooner or later. And here it is, courtesy of the New York Times, that librual paper so loved by the Greedy Old Party.

Marcellus Shale drilling could be costly to people

And those costs don’t necessarily fall into the bank account category. One example: With drilling comes a lot of land disturbance and deforestation, which impacts water quality. So, who pays for that? And what is the currency? Hard dollar bills, or health-care bills? Read more.

EPA moves to crack down on coal-fired plants’ toxins

Like mercury. Naturally, congressional friends of dirty air, a.k.a. Republicans, are likely to challenge the EPA. Surprise, surprise. Here’s the NY Times’ article on the new rules.

Can oysters help fight Chesapeake Bay pollution?

Well, heck, why not? Humans sure aren’t doing so, in my view.