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Group: BLM ignored environmental effects of livestock grazing

Just how many more proclamations like this one must be made by follks/organizations that care before the managers take notice? Give me a herd of pronghorns anyday; skip the cows and sheep.


On public land in Idaho, it’s domestic sheep vs. bighorns

Let’s remember, please, that we’re talking about public land, not privately owned range land. And that means that all the owners, whether we live in Idaho or not, have a say in land management decisions. Or at least we’re supposed to. And I believe that Bighorn Sheep, not domestic woolies, have first pick when it comes to grazing on public land. Read about the ongoing battle on the Payette National Forest.

New evidence: Disease jumps from domestic to wild sheep

This gives even more credence to the notion of pulling domestic woolies off the publicly owned rangelands. What more do we need?

Livestock waste found to be fouling Sierra waters

This outstanding Sacramento Bee piece has all the foul-smelling odors and data.

BLM fines conservationists over grazing permit

What the hell? Western Watersheds Project’s Jon Marvel and another are fined because they didn’t graze livestock on public land? And didn’t allow cattle to trash the land’s wildlife habitat? Hell, I’m a part-owner of the land in question and I like the idea of NOT grazing livestock on it.


Proof that even cow-burnt lands can recover

There are many, many, many examples of overgrazed lands in the Southwest and Northwest. The New Mexico-based Rewilding Institute offers this video look at the effectiveness of recovery programs.