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The idiots who don’t believe global warming, or climate change, or any other slice of science

My friend conservation columnist Ted Williams offers this insightful look at the deniers. Whatta crew.

How climate change may have worsened U.S. drought

There is little surprise in this, at least to people who are well-read on the science fo climate change. In any case, this article explores what apparently worsened the drought.

The crackpot caucus

Too bad Timothy Egan didn’t include the word “conservation” in his NY Times op-ed column of today. But no matter. He made his point in spot-on fashion. Science and Republicans? Crackpot yes, but science?

50 years after ‘Silent Spring,’ assault on science continues

This essay by Frank Graham is a good, solid read. Americans who know the true role of science in setting policies and the public agenda ought to be embarrassed big-time by this right-wing assault on science in the public interest. Oh, and climate change is real and is happening now, buckaroos.

Climate change case study: UK butterfly expanding its range

The pessimist in me says that hardly anyone actually cares about the butterfly highlighted in this article. Oh sure, all the lepidopterans everywhere understand what’s going on and how human actions are to blame. But, still, will the money-happy pols of Washington, D.C., really give a damn? I don’t think so.

‘Monkey’ business in Tennessee, again

Ignorance of science, even borderline stupidity, appear to be mandatory for holding legislative posts in the state of Tennessee. This editorial points out the “monkey” business. Charles Darwin is apparently outlawed in the state.

Santorum’s incoherence: Manmade global warming is a ‘hoax’ but using ‘science and discovery’ makes us better stewards

Wow, Ricky Santorum was bad enough as a U.S. senator from my previous home state, Pennsylvania. Now his standing as a climate change denier has ratcheted up, as this article explains.