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Conservation could save sage grouce and ranchers from ESA listing

Well, gosh, just what is the chief problem that’s driving the Sage Grouse into potential Endangered Species Act listing? Duh?


Nev. panel OKs strategy to keep sage grouse off endangered species roster

And that strategy, implied but not directly indicated in this article, revolves around political considerations, not actual, real science. This is yet another case of “junk” science masquerading as the real thing. I would respect the politicians a little bit more if they simply said it’s about politics, instead of what PR flak tells them to say.

Spotted Owl listing could pale in comparison to Sage Grouse

So says the editor who wrote that headline for the Reno, Nev., paper. It’s a headline designed to serve up controversy of its own, likely for a follow-up by the local media folks. In any case, human disturbance, such as the logging of forests, building of roads, and outright habitat destruction via bulldozers is to blame. And still the human machine doesn’t learn. Here’s the article to which this headline belongs.

Federal judge says BLM ignored its own advice

The Bureau of Lumber and Mining, oops, that’s the Bureau of Land Management, erred when it came to sage grouse and the grazing of livestock, a judge tells it. Read about it here.

Quote of the day

From a news story about the debate swirling around the hunting of Sage Grouse in Nevada: “We don’t need the federal government to tell us how to do this,” he said. “I hope to get us in a proactive position to do something about protecting our state from the Endangered Species Act.”

You can read the whole article by clicking on this link. Sadly, the welfare of the species does not make it into print, only the specious economic thingee.

Western Watersheds Project wins; grazing stopped on public lands in southern Idaho

On February 28, 2011 Chief Judge B. Lynn Winmill of the United States District Court for Idaho agreed with Western Watersheds Project and reimposed an injunction stopping livestock grazing on 17 grazing allotments covering over 450,000 acres of public land in the Jarbidge Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management in southern Idaho.

The allotments closed under this injunction contain some of the most important remaining habitat for sage grousedesert bighorn sheep, the threatened plant species slickspot peppergrass as well as native redband trout, pygmy rabbits and pronghorn antelope. Western Watersheds Project welcomes this Court Order (pdf) and looks forward to the Bureau of Land Management finally reforming its illegal actions that have led to this outcome.

Western Watersheds Project sends thanks to our excellent legal counsel in this matter Todd Tucci of Advocates For The West in Boise and to WWP Biodiversity Director Katie Fite for years of hard and often unrewarded work in the Jarbidge Field Office.

Safeguarding sage grouse and their courtship dance

During my high school days in Pocatello, Idaho, I belonged to an Explorer post that was sponsored by Idaho Fish and Game. One fall day in the late 60s us Explorers helped some F&G workers operate a bird-hunting check station. The bird? The sage grouse. Fast-forward to today, and the age grouse, like man other plant and animal species, is in trouble population wise. The culprits: Human actions, like road building, suburban sprawl, industrial development, fragmentation of habitat, pollution, etc. Here’s an article about sage grouse.