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The crackpot caucus

Too bad Timothy Egan didn’t include the word “conservation” in his NY Times op-ed column of today. But no matter. He made his point in spot-on fashion. Science and Republicans? Crackpot yes, but science?

Romney’s energy plan: Drill everywhere, even in national parks

The Republican presidential wannabe is a Big friend (amigo) of Big Oil, and Big Coal, too. As this Climate Progress piece explains, the Republicrat candidate would turn drill rigs loose everywhere, even, I guess, on the lawn of the White House and the National Mall in D.C. Whatta guy.

Ocean policy protects ocean health, benefitting anglers

The Hill picked up this op-ed in response to predictable knee-jerk Republican reactions to President Obama’s ocean policy.   They really just oppose it because it’s an Obama initiative. You can read it here.


House signs off on horrible conservation

Read all about this legislation that purports to be favorable to “sportsmen.” Hay, any bill that’s backed by the NRA and Safari Club International is bad, just bad. My bet is this legislation was supported by, among others, Republican Louis Barletta, whose district I used to live in before moving to Vermont and Bernie Sanders’s district.

U.S. Senate bats aside GOPers’ pro-pollution add-ons to trans bill

Changing the chemistry of Earth’s oceans

That’s right, buckaroos. And guess who’s responsible: We are, of course. Just as our burning of fossil fuels, like coal, is heating up our planet (the only one we’ve got, sports fans), so is it changing the chemistry of our oceans. The result: Acidification. This editorial from the NY Times explains why we should stop burning rocks like coal and liquids like petroleum. But, of course, we won;’t because knuckleheads wield too much power over our former Democratic government. I won’t name the names here, but people who identify themselves as conservationists or environmentalists or even plain old “naturalist” know the names.

Republicans vs. environment (and a lot of other things, too)

The GOP (Greedy Old Party?), and its mouthpieces like Sarah) just can’t seem to finally realize that if a place is trashed environmentally, there is no local economy. And the same holds true for the continent – and the planet, too. This op-ed, from the Chicago media world, talks about all this. Very nicely, too.