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Are we running out of oil?

From oil, of course, comes gasoline, which nearly all Americans continue to take for granted. So, are we running out? Duh. Peak oil for the U.S. actually came in 1974. Here’s a good video about Peak Oil.

Are we running out of petroleum?

Duh? Just like climate change, there is no actual debate on this topic. The answer, of course, is YES. Watch and listen to this video.

The scientific community has long agreed that our dependence on fossil fuels inflicts massive damage on the environment and our health, while warming the globe in the process. But beyond the damage these fuels cause to us now, what will happen when the world’s supply of oil runs out?

Peak Oil and a changing climate

Nice introduction here to an ongoing series of video reports on these intertwined topics. I’m sure that U.S. Sen. James Inhofe is not among the viewers. After all, he’s likely too busy these days anyway.

Quote of the day

“We’re running out of oil a lot faster than most people think. Sharing the road is going to mean something different in a few years. ”

— From the San Francisco Chronicle

Imagining life in the Adirondacks in a post-oil age

This nice essay from North Country Public Radio in the Adirondack Park of New York State is, among other things, a nice review of two key published works of late that explore the post-oil age. What do you think? Let me know.

Energy chief: We’d better start conserving now, or else

Nice piece here about Mr. Chu’s recent presentation in Montana.


A necesssary moratorium on offshore drilling

That’s the headline over this NY Times’ editorial from today’s edition. I’d support a long moratorium — one that gets motorists (consumers!) used to the idea that oil supplies are finite, and they’d better get used to walking, bicycling, public transit, etc. And get used to the idea of living closer to where they work, not in sprawl.

Polluting BP still a big fuel supplier for military

It figures. But think long-term and one has to ask: Where, once the production of oil and its byproducts has peaked, will the Defense Department get its jet fuel, etc.?

Read about the military and BP here.

UN: Nature’s diversity fast disappearing, harming life on earth

The human propensity to sprawl is partially to blame for the rapidly diminishing natural diversity crisis explained in this article. And welcome to the U.S. of A., land of the three-car garage, two- or three-acre lawn, and Japanese barberry and Norway maple.

Today’s unsustainable eyesore

today's eyesore

today's eyesore

The world

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like this one. No wonder there’s an upsurge in obesity.