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ORV battle on Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Earth to beach buckaroos: Get your machines off the beach please.


Lawsuits fly over access to public lands

Of course, naturally, the lawsuits are being filed by those who seek only to play their motorsports on our public estate. As in wreckreation. As in thrillcraft. As in off-road cowboys and cowgirls. Read more here.

Good for the Forest Service; feet are important outdoor tools it finds

This editorial from Arizona does the explaining quite well. Whenever I think of all-terrain veehikles, I can’t help but remember the clod-hopping off-road machines I would watch working their way up and down a power-line corridor in Carbon County, Pa., on m way to the county seat of Jim Thorpe. Long exercise walks closer to my now-previous home in that state were often punctuated by all-terrain veehikles being ridden, illegally, on a county road. All the resulting cell phone calls I made to 911 were, in the end, quite fruitless. Damn machines.

ATV, dirt bike noise a neighborhood nuisance

A nuisance? That’s the best choice of words the headline writer of this piece could come up with? Hah. Off-road cowboys and their machines are hardly just a nuisance in many cases. Try “abusers” of natural lands. Try “usurpers” of trails.  Try “destroyers of wildlife habitat.”

Help the National Park Service control turtle- and bird-killing off-roaders

Off-roaders equates to ATVs, ORVs, OHVs, Jeeps, four-wheel-drive SUVs, etc. They all kill wildlife if driven on places like the beeches at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, North Carolina. Read about them here.

Stop illegal off-road cowboys by getting their number

The scourge of wild places is hardly limited to states in the West. I used to shout at ATV riders mowing down vegetation inside power-line rights-of-way in Pennsylvania. The problems are much the same as they are in the West: trail erosion, scaring wildlife, fragmenting wild places, noise pollution, air pollution, a loss of serenity and peacefulness, etc. etc. Here’s a piece about taking the numbers of off-road cowboys. Go to it.

Taxpayers subsidizing ORV events on public (BLM) lands

Here’s yet another reason to stop the ATV scourge. It’s bad enough to witness the damage thrillcraft riders are doing to private land in states such as Pennsylvania (I saw there myself), but to allow this inane activity take place on public land and then end up subsidizing it is just plain dumb. Read about it all here.