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Midwest burg to get a new ‘park’

And that “park” has nothing to do with preserving nature. In fact, the first new industrial park planned for Omaha, Neb., will likely mean destroying another slice of North American nature – the natural countryside. Way to go, Omaha. The new park likely will be called an “attraction” by the state’s transportation department, just as industrial parks in Pennsylvania are labeled by PennDOT.


Nebraska city’s air quality worsening

And the burning of gasoline, a fossil fuel, by homeowners and motorists is to blame. This article explains what is happening in Omaha. And pay attention to the last paragraph: Use a broom, not a gas-fueled leaf blower, and grow a butterfly garden not a turf farm.

Shooting deer to save nature?

Well, yes, especially since, in more than 90 percent of the lower 48 states, the ntive predators that the Creator put on the land have been destroyed or otherwise harassed into extinction. Shooting deer to save nature is indeed the only real solution to problems like the one of NO forest regeneration experienced by the Fontenelle Forest near Omaha, Neb. some two decades ago. Conservationist Jared Diamond wrote about this floodplain forest along the Missouri River in this article.

No victor yet in Nebraska mussel war

The effort to rid a Nebraka fake lake (reservoir) of invasive zebra mussels may or may not prove successful, this article explains. Drawing down the fake lake’s water level was certainly the right thing to do.

A sad surprise found under a desk

Migratory Bird Treaty Act? What Migratory Bird Treaty Act? Here’s the awfully sad tale of a Great Horned Owl in Nebraska.

Getting ready to battle zebra mussels

Among the new battlegrounds against this invasive aquatic species is the Zolinsky reservoir (locals call it a lake) near Omaha, Neb. Read about the Army Corps of Engineers vs. zebra mussels right here.

Oil scrubbing ads disavowed

Still, there are some good lines in the tee vee spots, as this newspaper article features.

Here’s one of the best lines: “The ad then cuts to a ‘newscaster’ who comments, ‘Soaked in big oil’s influence, another slick politician’.”