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Wildfires, worsened by drought, burn in Oklahoma

I lived south of Oklahoma City for about three years in the mid 1980s, while serving at Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City. So I feel for today’s Oklahomans. One cannot help but wonder just how our changing climate is making conditions more favorable for wildfires. Read about it here.


EPA plan to clean air cod cost Oklahoma residents

Note to the Daily Oklahoman of Oklahoma City: Dirty air from those coal-fired power plants is already costing people — real people — in harming their health. Typically of media these days, you only looked at the possible impact on people’s household budgets — their wallets/bank accounts. Read the mainstream media’s feeble attempt at actual in-depth reporting right here.

Weird weather in a warming world

Andrew Revkin writes this piece in today’s NY Times. Read it, and then shake your head over our wasteful, gas-guzzling habits.