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An acid test for the planet’s seawater

The problem is the accelerating rate of acidification. The cause is the increasing atmospheric level of carbon dioxide. And that, buckaroos, results from human activities like the burning of coal to make electricity, the clearing of tropical forests to make way for agriculture, and the clearing of boreal forests in Alberta, Canada, to mine tart sands. Will political leaders act to at least slow the carbon dioxide craze? I doubt it. They are, after all, too busy counting dollars given to them by polluters.

Stay or go? Some towns choose relocation to fighting sea-level rise

The battle described in this California-focused article is much the same as faced by the Outer Banks of North Carolina (and other coastal communities). And yes, it almost always is cheaper and more sensitive to wild nature to simply give up and move to higher ground.

Changing the chemistry of Earth’s oceans

That’s right, buckaroos. And guess who’s responsible: We are, of course. Just as our burning of fossil fuels, like coal, is heating up our planet (the only one we’ve got, sports fans), so is it changing the chemistry of our oceans. The result: Acidification. This editorial from the NY Times explains why we should stop burning rocks like coal and liquids like petroleum. But, of course, we won;’t because knuckleheads wield too much power over our former Democratic government. I won’t name the names here, but people who identify themselves as conservationists or environmentalists or even plain old “naturalist” know the names.

A fish tale with disastrous global implications

It’s a tale of overfishing via factory ships, and this article spells it out. Think about the issue the next time you sit down in a restaurant and order “today’s catch.”

A look into the oceans’ future – not good


Oceans at dire risk, team of scientists warn

This report has received much attention from today from the mainstream media. Here’s one of the best reports I could find. Will this shake loose the static minds of politicians?

Oysters a sign of trouble fom Puget Sound acidity

Our ongoing – and ever-growing – appetite to burn fossil fuels is behind this depressing news. But the average John Doe or Jane Doe cares only about the current price of gasoline and how much it’ll cost to refuel their SUV tomorrow.

Read about Puget Sound and oysters here.