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Marine life on a warming planet

Humans’ continued pumping into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide – sometimes by the stupidest of chores like driving to the mailbox rather than walking there – is damaging the future of marine life. You can read more.

The world’s coral reefs: Dying and nearly gone

Overfishing, ocean acidification and pollution are pushing coral reefs into oblivion. That’s the message, one of them at least, of this op-ed. Will political bodies, like Congress, take action? Hardly, as they are just so busy counting all the campaign contributions received from polluting industries like Big Oil and Big Coal.

Global warming’s twin threatens West Coast fisheries

Of course the problem is hardly limited to the West Coast. It’s ocean acidification and this article, while focusing on Pacific waters, explains it well. Will the politicians eact? Huh?

An acid test for the planet’s seawater

The problem is the accelerating rate of acidification. The cause is the increasing atmospheric level of carbon dioxide. And that, buckaroos, results from human activities like the burning of coal to make electricity, the clearing of tropical forests to make way for agriculture, and the clearing of boreal forests in Alberta, Canada, to mine tart sands. Will political leaders act to at least slow the carbon dioxide craze? I doubt it. They are, after all, too busy counting dollars given to them by polluters.

Too many fish are being caught, report says

And the catch level is making it harder for some aquatic species to maintain viable populations. Read about it here.

Research expands to ‘sister’ issue of global warming