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What warming climate will flood

Folks who go gaw gaw at the prospect of a summer weekend at, say, Rehoboth Beach or Assateague Island, or any one of hundreds of other coastal spots will be out of luck before not too long. But their descendants will find things even wetter. Planning a trip to Miami Beach, Fla.? Better go now as it is among the places that will someday be inundated due to rising sea levels. Take a look at these maps.


August global temperatures fourth highest on record

The data constitute yet more hard evidence that global warming is happening now, Perry Mason tells the judge. And the verdict? Read more.

Mauna Loa carbon dioxide level getting close to 400 ppm

You’ll find, easy to do, the Mauna Loa link on my list of links down the right-hand side of the page.

Sea ice in Arctic measured at record low

The underlying cause of the ongoing melt is, of course, our planet’s changing climate for which we humans are responsible, not sun spots or some other cause from outer space. The NY Times has the story.

The menhaden: Little fish with a big problems

The problem, of course, has to do with a human mistake. Read about the menhaden.

Please help us wipe out the resource we depend on

This is really sad. No, I take that back. It’s sorrowful. Read about the debacle here.

Weather runs hot and cold, so scientists Look to the Arctic sea ice

Amid wild temperature swings, suspicion is focused on the decline of sea ice in the Arctic, believed to be a consequence of the human release of greenhouse gases. The NY Times has this article.