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Destoying precious land for natural gas

Wild Nature, buckaroos, is not making any “new” land. So, once humans and their machines have taken over a scrap of formerly wild nature, that scrap is gone. Sure, restoration is possible, but not if the land becomes a parking lot and part of an industrial “park” or business “park.” Read more.


Natural gas, by the book

This editorial pokes a good-sized hole in the cheap rumor that natural gas is one helluva lot better than coal when looking at each fossil fuel’s greenhouse gas emissions. And the other big issue with natural gas drilling – unmentioned in this piece – is the wildlife habitat fragmentation that occurs whenever a new drill pad is set up.

‘Time’ ignores climate change to paint a ‘golden age’ of fracking

FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) asks the following question: “You have to wonder: Do journalists covering energy issues imagine they and their loved ones are going to be living on another planet in the not-too-distant future?” You can read the whole piece from FAIR by clicking here.

How bad is natural gas in climate-change terms?

This article explores the competing claims by dueling scientists at Cornell University, N.Y., about the value of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to extract natural gas from Earth.

As drillers punch holes in Midwest, a lawmaker shares in the spoils

And that legislator is Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma. Two things to remember: Being a politician today is not necessarily about doing the right thing; it’s about who can raise the most money to run for office/run for re-election. Second, those campaign contributions come with strings attached. No bigtime polluter is going to give money to a politician just to be nice. No sir. The checks come with expectations, like in voting against pollution regulations. Read about Boren and his ilk.

Natural gas industry turns to, what else, money to get its way

In time-honored fashion, the industry is throwing zillions into tee vee advertising, etc., all in a bid to win favor for hydrofracturing with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Nothing changes when it comes to campaign cntributions, especially when it comes to results. No corporate giver gives just to be nice. Nosireebob. They esxpect results. Read about the money bonanza.M

Situation normal, all fracked up (in Pennsylvania)

The industrialization of America continues unchecked, and no where is it more evident these days than in Pennsylvania as natural gas drillers continue poking hole after hole after hole into the ground in search of more natural gas from the Marcellus Shale. Choose your words: boondoggle, debacle, blight, etc. They all fit. Read more about the debacle here.