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Gun nuts now happy iwith Romney

The Republican presidential wannabe has kissed and made up with the NRA and other firearm freak groups – the same orgs that crazily believe President Obama is out to take away their pistolas. What a bunch of crazies. And none of it has anything to do with conservation. Read all about the nutcases.


Columnist: NRA should dump Ted Nugent

The NRA is hardly a conservation outfit. To my knowledge, it never has been. The writer of this piece makes some good points regarding the National Rifle Association’s “representation” by Ted Nugent. What do you think?

Columnist hunts, but says NRA doesn’t represent her

And the woman is right on. The NRA is not about conservation – protecting habitat; supporting science-based legislation regarding global warming; voicing strong objections to the on-going loss of acreage nationwide to the forces of sprawl and road-building — it’s about stirring up crazy, weird and nonsensical hatred of any politician who doesn’t accept campaign contributions from, you guessed it, the NRA. Read the woman’s column here, and then remember to vote conservation, not crazyness.

House signs off on horrible conservation

Read all about this legislation that purports to be favorable to “sportsmen.” Hay, any bill that’s backed by the NRA and Safari Club International is bad, just bad. My bet is this legislation was supported by, among others, Republican Louis Barletta, whose district I used to live in before moving to Vermont and Bernie Sanders’s district.

We couldn’t help it. The NRA told us to do it

And Miami Herald columnist (and novelist) Carl Hiaasen paints the picture in this satirical and on-the-mark column from today’s edition. The NRA = Big Money buys Big Influence

The gun lobby has a thing – about lead

And that “thing” stands in the way of the EPA issuing a ban on the use of lead in ammo, fishing sinkers and the like. This editorial from the NY Times spells it out in fine fashion. Just say no to the National Rifle Association and its lobbying dollars.

Another misguided idea from the gun lobby

This circus is all about lead — as in lead shot, lead ammunition, etc. And the solution, as this editorial nicely explains, is quite simple. The hurdle, though, is this: The U.S. Senate has to look at the whole picture, not just kowtow to the National Rifle Association and its moneyed lobbyists.