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Stand still for the apocalypse

Is columnist Chris Hedges pushing the envelope in this piece? Or is he on the mark? I’d bet that NASA’s James Hansen would agree with Hedges’s points.


Sea ice in Arctic measured at record low

The underlying cause of the ongoing melt is, of course, our planet’s changing climate for which we humans are responsible, not sun spots or some other cause from outer space. The NY Times has the story.

Dr. James Hansen: Game over for world’s climate

The director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies is plain spoken and we’d all better believe what he says and writes. There is no getting around it. We either deal with our fossil fuel addiction now, or we make the planet uninhabitable for generations to come. Dr. Hansen’s op-ed essay from today’s NY Times can be read here.

NASA mission takes stock of melting of Earth’s melting land ice

The cause of the melting is well known, except by certain deniers in Congress, the media, and on cable Tee Vee. This NASA news release says more.

This senator is lost in space

Another great column from the Miami Herald’s Carl Hiaasen: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/03/26/2135772/this-senator-is-lost-in-space.html

One choice paragraph about the senator, Richard Shelby: “Yet instead of doing what’s best for all American taxpayers (and for NASA, which is scraping for funds), the senator is content to sit back and watch nearly $280 million go down a black hole — and into the hands of major campaign contributors.”

Climate denial, again

That’s the headline over this New York Times editorial in today’s edition. A good, but sad read, as big money and greed continue to dominate Republicans’ thinking. Separately, I just read an Associated Press article about he U.S. Coast Guard seeking more resources to patrol a nearly-ice-free Arctic Ocean, which the Russians are now regularly using as a shipping channel. And so it goes, the Big Oil way.

The quote of the day – not weekly

“Good science is the best revenge”

— Climatologist Gavin A. Schmidt, NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies