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Third red wolf shot since N.C. expanded its coyote hunt

The red wolf reintroduction program is now in just about as dire straits as the project to bring the lobo back to the Southwest is. This article contains some information on the killing.


Mexican Gray Wolf: Still in trouble as recovery inches along

I photographed this stuffed specimen of the species, the Mexican Gray Wolf, inside the visitor center, at Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in central New Mexico. You can read about the refuge and the recovery program at this link.

A final refuge for gray wolves

Americans, especially those who call themselves Westerners and reside in Wyoming and states near the Cowboy State just can’t seem to find room in their hearts, or in their political kingdom, for all of America’s native wildlife, most particularly the Gray Wolf. The craze among these rifle-toting folks is shoot first and to heck with ecology and the predator’s role in a healthy ecosystem. Read about the final refuge here.

Mexican Gray Wolf shot, killed near N.M. ranch

This killing represents, of course, another serious setback in the long-running bird to reintroduce Lobos to their home range in New Mexico and Arizona. The hyman vs. wolf conflicts continue to be too great.

Lobos wait at national wildlife refuge in N.M. for chance at the wild

This is actually an old story. Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge north of Socorro has long played a central role in the recovery program for the Mexican Gray Wolf (or Lobo, as many Southwest conservationists prefer). Too bad, people can’t give the Lobos enough room and understanding to let them do their thing as parts of the region’s ecosystem. Here is the latest wire service feature about the Lobo recovery program.

Federal biologists count 50 Mexican gray wolves in wild

Good news, in what has most often been a troubled reintroduction program. Read the media’s report in this article.

Arizona says no to federal protection of the Lobo

Typical knee-jerk public position by Arizona’s rancher-friendly political schmoozers. Read the details in the newspaper article. Note the sordid old line about how a state can do a better job than the federales. Several things must happen – and fast – for the Lobo’s reintroction to succeed:

– No more subsidized controlling of the Lobos that are now on the ground.

– Utilizing all available quality habitat for the reintroduction, not just the land that politicians sign off on.

– A declaration that the wolves’ ecological role will be recognized and fostered and that wolves (Lobos) be allowed to perform their role in Wild Nature.