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Marine life on a warming planet

Humans’ continued pumping into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide – sometimes by the stupidest of chores like driving to the mailbox rather than walking there – is damaging the future of marine life. You can read more.

Global warming’s twin threatens West Coast fisheries

Of course the problem is hardly limited to the West Coast. It’s ocean acidification and this article, while focusing on Pacific waters, explains it well. Will the politicians eact? Huh?

Fishing gear undergoing changes to help non-target sea life

From today’s NY Times science section comes this article.

Op-ed: Who’s right about national security and offshore drilling?

Good piece here from the Newport News, Va., Daily Press. A sound argument I endorse as a veteran of service myself at a Hampton “Roads-area military base.

Pacific’s rising acid levels threatening marine life

Long predicted, it’s now happening, as this Seattle Times article notes.