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Yes, new Gulf ‘oil spill is BP’s petroleum

Tests performed on Thursday confirmed that the oil found on the Louisiana shoreline after Hurricane Isaac was in fact from the BP spill in 2010. This piece offers some details.

Want the good news first?

That’s the headline over this nicely crafted NY Times column from Thomas L. Friedman in today’s edition.

‘Sea’ what?

What’s the difference between “seafood” and wild marine fish? Read about the question here. Of course, most Americans only care about the gasoline in their cars’ fuel tank and have no idea of where it even comes from.

A sand trap in the Gulf


Scientists warn of unseen deepwater oil crisis

So much for this branch of “growing greener,” the PR slogan of Pennsylvania’s conservation and environmental protection agencies.


Spill five times worse than first thought

That’s what the headline over this NY Times piece from today’s online edition says. The U.S. addiction to oil just keeps on giving and giving and giving …. And the average layperson motorist just keeps burning the stuff, burning the stuff, burning the stuff and …