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The quote of the week

“If you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know who you are.”

– Wendell Berry; farmer, poet, essayist, conservationist

Not safe to have children in mountain homeland

And that would be Kentucky, where mountaintops are dynamited to get at coal.


Study finds more health problems among residents near mountaintop removal mines

This study’s findings are hardly surprising, given the many other ramifications of blowing up mountains to get at the coal beneath the summits. In brief, the study adds even more weight to the growing chorus of calls to HALT mountaintop removal coal mining and do so right now.

My Kentucky home: A coal-mining essay from Silas House

This is a great read. And its message ought to be heeded — now — by every politicians inside the Beltway.

A battle in mining country pits coal against wind

Big Coal vs. people who care about the future of their woods. The greedheads have a lot of money at their disposal. Read this in-depth feature about the long-running fight to save a mountain or waste its heritage.