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Drought costs homeowners as foundations crack

And the drought that has gripped Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and other chunks of the Central Plains is connected to the human-caused changing of Earth’s climate. Yes, it is true. Read about the drought in Nebraska.


No need for a water war on the Missouri River

This editorial is from the Des Moines, Iowa, Register. Good thing that paper still exists in the face of newspapering declines in other markets across the country.

What drought looks like – and sounds like, too

Those are the feelings one gets after watching this video report from parched Kansas.

Clean air advocates to EPA: Reject permit for coal-fired plant

The proposed carbon dioxide belcher is called Sunflower and the proposed site is in Kansas. This article explains the issue in detail.

New national wildlife refuge coming to Flint Hills of Kan.

Good news with more land in the Midwest becoming protected as public land. Read about the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s plan for the Flint Hills of Kansas right here.

Kansas prairie chickens relocate to help Missouri

Here’s a nice update feature from Kansas about that state’s helping the Missouri Department of Conservation by allowing prairie chickens from Kansas to be moved to the other state to help bolster its declining population of the native prairie bird.

In Kan. cases, court defines scope of Bird Act

Good news here for the conservation of migratory birds.