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A science-free Congress?

Lobbyists’ money talks, not science. Read about our new science-free Congress. On a related note, be sure and read Bill McKibben’s essay on “money pollution.”

Inside the Beltway, clean air is under seige

And the wrecking crew reads like a who’s-who of Republican polluter friends: Fred Upton and James Inhofe for starters. The NY Times explains it all in this lead editorial from today’s edition.

Another challenge to EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases

This New York Times article highlights legislation crafted y three Republican members of Congress. Senator James Inhofe, Okla., is, of course, among the trio. These guys are complaining that regulating emissions would harm business. Well, hell, what about harming the very planet– Earth — WE ALL LIVE and play on? Idiots. Denying is one thing, but the whole issue has gone way beyond that stage. There is no debate. Only truth.

The man with the snow job

Nosiree, it’s not Al Gore, or singer Kathy Mattea, or Bill McKibben, or anyone else outside the Beltway. It’s a senator named Mark Kirk. And don’t forget Senator James Inhofe, Mr.-Climate-Change-is-a-Hoax. Read a wonderful column about the whole thing right here.

House drafts bill to cut authority of EPA over greenhouse gases

Some familiar names of corporate friendly legislators in this story from an Arizona paper. They include the famous “climate change is a hoax” Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma. I wonder just how many campaign dollars he gets from polluters, Big Oil and Big Coal. I’ll bet the tally is endless.

Trend continues with second-warmest July on record

And still the James Inofes of the politico crowd dither and roll about in their limos, taking no action – zero – to change the depth  of fossil-fuel burning.

Read about the science/temperature records in this piece.

Weather bane

Timothy Egan, in this fine op-ed, pokes much fun at Oklahoma Republican James Inhofe. And rightly so.