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Iowa corn-processing plant agrees to pay $4.1M for dumping

The federal EPA accused Roquette America of repeatedly sending sewage and industrial wastes into the Mississippi River and Soap Creek, some of it through storm sewers. Read about the whole pollution episode in this link.


Hog lots run the nation

And read this to learn how. Hah.

Asian carp threaten Iowa waterways

It’s another invasive species debacle, and still many people seem clueless. Read about the Iowa connection here.

Questions raised on ag leases on public land in Iowa

Good questions, too, as this article explains. In a state where so much of the natural land was converted to a strictly human use – farming – every acre of “more-or-less” natural land has big dividends to wildlife.

Missouri River barge channel a disaster that already happened

That’s the opening salvo in this letter to the editor published by the Sioux City paper in Iowa. Actually, it’s the Army Corps of Engineers that already struck. Hah.

No need for a water war on the Missouri River

This editorial is from the Des Moines, Iowa, Register. Good thing that paper still exists in the face of newspapering declines in other markets across the country.

Discovery of the centry: ‘Native’ brown trout?

Surely the mistake in this Iowa newspaper’s article about a trout stream in that state is solely that of a cub reporter (and lazy copy editor). The brown trout is native to Europe, as this and many other articles, some of them posted on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Web site, make abundantly clear.