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Interior grants permission for Shell to drill in Arctic

I can’t help but feel that this gambit by Shell is all about politics on the part of the Obama presidency – i.e., proof that the Obama camp wants to find and use domestic petroleum. What a joke.

What have they learned?

That’s the question this NY Times editorial asks of Big Oil – as the moratorium on deep-ater offshore drilling nears its expiration mark. I’d answer in this way: Not a helluva lot.

A necesssary moratorium on offshore drilling

That’s the headline over this NY Times’ editorial from today’s edition. I’d support a long moratorium — one that gets motorists (consumers!) used to the idea that oil supplies are finite, and they’d better get used to walking, bicycling, public transit, etc. And get used to the idea of living closer to where they work, not in sprawl.

Ex-Interior boss discusses her transformation into arden environmentalist

Lynn Scarlett first plodded along as a deputy to Gale Norton during the early Dubya Bush years and then led the department herself after Norton’s resignation. Here’s an interview piece from the LA Times.