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Sea ice in Arctic measured at record low

The underlying cause of the ongoing melt is, of course, our planet’s changing climate for which we humans are responsible, not sun spots or some other cause from outer space. The NY Times has the story.


The case of the great thaw

This is a good read, but kinda depressing. I thought the same after reading Bill McKibben’s “Eaarth” and Dr. James Hansen’s climate change treatise.

No place for heated opinions

That place is “tee vee.” And the product is a documentary about ice. Read how climate change somehow didn’t make it into the final product – for tee vee.

Nice, balmy winter and so much for ice fishing

When living on Plattsburgh Air Force Base across Lake Champlain from where I now live, the big lake always froze over as winter got going. I recall watching deer on the ice near Crab Island from a window of our home in base housing overlooking the lake. That was in the late 80s. Now, Lake Champlain is wide open. That’s it for ice fishing. And it is hard not to think of climate change when thinking of the big lake. Today’s NY Times has this feature about ice fishing and the lack thereof in Minnesota.

Global warming could cost Canada billions, study finds

The world’s print media outlets continue publishing articles like this, and still the powers-that-be in the political caves hide their faces in the sand (formerly ice, but it melted) and refuse to do anything.

Lake Champlain and ice: Not this winter – again

This in-depth feature from today’s Burlington, Vt., paper does a good job explaining the history of ice on the lake, the lake’s ecology, and the past, present and future of ice fishing on Champlain. The big shanty towns of the past are now just history. Climate change at work?

Brown bruins could replace polar bears, scientists say

The reason, of course, is the changing climate — the warmer-climate bruin moves its range north to take advantage of new food, shelter and other life requirements created by man-caused changes in the Earth’s climate, while the polar bear’s chief life requirement — ice — is lost. Read this newspaper article from Vancouver, British Columbia.