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Wannabe vice prez Ryan: Government should stay out of hurricanes

That’s what satirist Andy Borowitz has the presumptive veep saying in this hilarious piece as Hurricane Isaac steers toward Florida.


Fat cat urged to bankroll anti-Obama hatefest

Here’s another cut-to-the-chase column from Carl Hiaasen in Florida (a novelist who also writes a weekly column for the Miami Herald). The fat cat is a billionaire, and the suggestion that he bankroll a smear campaign in the media is closely akin to the Swift Boating eight years ago of Sen. John Kerry.

Timothy Egan on trees, public land and our natural heritage

This column by Timothy Egan, in today[s NY Times, says exactly what I have been trying to say in comments to other articles and my own columns for weeks now. In any case, Americans do not have – among the Republican candidates – anyone who even understands what conservation is all about.

Republicans against Science

That’s the headline over today’s Paul Krugman column. And it’s true, unless, of course, you’re thinking of junk science or flat-out quackery. Take your pick among eh current crop of GOP presidential wannabes for role models: Michele Bachmann? Rick Perry?

Republicans vs. environment (and a lot of other things, too)

The GOP (Greedy Old Party?), and its mouthpieces like Sarah) just can’t seem to finally realize that if a place is trashed environmentally, there is no local economy. And the same holds true for the continent – and the planet, too. This op-ed, from the Chicago media world, talks about all this. Very nicely, too.

Big Oil keeps subsidies, thanks to polluter-friendly Republicans

The Greedy Old Party is all for reducing the deficit, fighting national debt, etc., but not when it comes to the source of much of its campaign dollars. Another Republican debacle.

Will the GOP repeal the law of gravity?

After all, the law of gravity represents “over-regulation” by the libruls. Right? Check out this instructional posting from Al Gore.