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Breaking news: Corn for food, not automobile fuel

Hah. That’s right and here’s why: Making ethanol, especially from corn, uses more energy than it yields. That’s a shocker to many folks, I know. This op-ed makes that case in fine fashion.

More oil vs. cars and trucks

This essay from the National Wildlife Federation is a good read. Makes sense, given the media’s fascination with the gas-price signs now blanketing the parking lagoons at this convenience store and that convenience store.

Republicans: Natural born oil/gas drillers

Paul Krugman, the NY Times’s erstwhile columnist, has done us all a favor by laying out the falsity behind the Republican claims of jobs and drilling and jobs and drilling. Read Krugman’s finely honed argument here.

Exxon, Salazar in setttlement talks on offshore drilling

What’s to settle? You either stick with your guns (no drilling whatsoever) o you don’t. To all the laypeople driving around (often when they could be walking instead): The sooner you have to stop buying petroleum products like gasoline and motor oil the quicker we can clean up the mess we’ve been making now for many decades. And stop polluting. The NY Times has this piece on the “talks.”

The military’s new campaign: Cutting its energy costs

This renewed look at saving whee the electricity and motor fuel gauges run is hardly a new initiative. I recall, with fond memories, my boss, the commander of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing (now just 8th Fighter Wing) one day dispatching a base photo lab cameraman to spend a day traveling around Kunsan Air Base, South Korea, for a day in late 985, with instructions to find and photograph every outside light he found burning bright in the bright Korea sun. A few days later, the photographer’s work of several dozen shots was shown during a a wing staff meeting. The offending units knew who they were without further elaboration. That day, and continuing into the next, those dozens upon dozens of outside lights shining over parking lots, alleyways, wash-racks, etc., had been extinguished and the base’s electricity bill fell substantially. This article, from the Norfolk, Va., Virginian Pilot paper, takes a new and refreshing look at the whole energy conservation activity across each of the four military services. And don’t tell U.S. Sen. James Inhofe this, but the article in a paper serving a huge active-duty and retired military audience mentions “greenhouse gases.”

Cop tickets man for mowing his lawn

Too bad this Oklahoman chose to crank up his gas-guzzling mower at 0430 hours (oh-dark-thirty), but the whole case sums up how inane the very idea of having one’s own turf farm has become. A waste of time, gasoline, energy and a whole lot more. Read about the Oklahoma debacle here.

From nature to asphalt and concrete: The car vs. the wild

Feds will (again) offer oil leases in the Gulf

In my estimation, this is a huge mistake on the part of the Obama administration. How are we going to wean ourselves off the dirty oil habitat if we just keep drilling for more? And how are we, as a society, going to change our daily transportation choices to walking, or bicycling, or bus riding when we keep making it easy to pull over at a service station/convenience store and “fill ‘er up?”


Are we running out of oil?

From oil, of course, comes gasoline, which nearly all Americans continue to take for granted. So, are we running out? Duh. Peak oil for the U.S. actually came in 1974. Here’s a good video about Peak Oil.

Obstacles to capturing, storing carbon dioxide

Yes, carbon dioxide is the principle greenhouse gas. Yes, most Republicans could apparently care less. And yes, it does make a lot of sense to simply make less of it in the first place. Like turning off the car’s engine and walking or bicycling instead. Many Americans would not dream of doing so, however, as the car-centric society demands that they drive their personal cars. It’s all very sad.

Read about the difficulties in capturing and storing the greenhouse gas.