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Quote of the week

World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General Michel Jarraud said the 350 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere since 1750 “will remain there for centuries, causing our planet to warm further and impacting on all aspects of life on earth.”

Global disaster? Climate change not on today’s media agenda

According to the National Climatic Data Center, July 211 to June 2012 was the hottest 12-month stretch on human record. But even as the devastation resulting from humanity’s ongoing alteration of the Earth’s atmosphere became more and more obvious, coverage of the 2012 presidential election campaign seemed completely impervious to the effects of climate change,”the media watchdog organization FAIR reported. You can read about FAIR’s findings right here. The conservation impact of what we humans are doing to our fish and wildlife heritage by burning fossil fuels goes well beyond the crisis faced by one or two species.

How do hurricanes affect birds?

Since, in all likelihood, the frequence of hurricanes will rise in the future, thanks to humans’ burning of fossil fuels, the question posed in the headline above is quite suitable for these days. This article explores the question.

Conservationists target 5 Republicans who question humans’ impact on climate

This is what the campaign to change the way we do business with fossil fuels needs to retake the offensive.

Group of 8 affirms climate change efforts

Wow. This will finally, finally end the madness of burning fossil fuels forever and ever. Wanna bet? Sure, sure you say. And you are likely on the mark. The Group of 8 certainly got some positive PR-type news coverage, but that’s about it. You can read about it all here and get a look at the Group of 8 leaders hamming it up for camera people.

O.E.C.D. warns of continue reliance on fossil fuels

The Republican presidential wannabees probably see reports like the one discussed in this article as part of a liberal plot to undermine the moneyed fortunes of their campaign contributors, like Big Oil, Big Coal, etc. But this report is no joke and Earth, our only planet, can’t take the abuse we’re handing out.

Changing the chemistry of Earth’s oceans

That’s right, buckaroos. And guess who’s responsible: We are, of course. Just as our burning of fossil fuels, like coal, is heating up our planet (the only one we’ve got, sports fans), so is it changing the chemistry of our oceans. The result: Acidification. This editorial from the NY Times explains why we should stop burning rocks like coal and liquids like petroleum. But, of course, we won;’t because knuckleheads wield too much power over our former Democratic government. I won’t name the names here, but people who identify themselves as conservationists or environmentalists or even plain old “naturalist” know the names.

Paved, but still alive (?)

That’s the headline the N Times chose to place over a story today about parking lots (lagoons) and their status as “public spaces.” Well, they certainly qualify, in many cases, as “public space,” but don’t we have enough already? Come on, journalists! No mention in the whole article about how cheaper and more symbolic of places humans might love it would be to preserve the natural landscape and the flora and fauna that lives on it? Must be keep on paving over North America? After all, God is not making new land. Land is finite.

Are we running out of oil?

From oil, of course, comes gasoline, which nearly all Americans continue to take for granted. So, are we running out? Duh. Peak oil for the U.S. actually came in 1974. Here’s a good video about Peak Oil.

It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity: Limbaugh says heat indexa liberal government conspiracy

Flush, the Rush, Limbaugh has opined on the nationwide heat wave. I wonder how much the air pollution lobby paid for his words on the heat index, which is a well known and longstanding, way of expressing the discomfort level of heat combined with humidity. Way to go Rush. And don’t forget to close the door of the refrigerator after you’ve reached in for another cold one. If Rush were truly concerned about Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, he would speak out against climate change in light of reports like this one from Vermont, the state in which I now sit.