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Breaking news: Corn for food, not automobile fuel

Hah. That’s right and here’s why: Making ethanol, especially from corn, uses more energy than it yields. That’s a shocker to many folks, I know. This op-ed makes that case in fine fashion.


Here’s an easy $100B cut

And that would be this: End the tax breaks enjoyed by the rolling-in-dough oil industry, and kissing goodbye to subsidies given to the equally rich ethanol industry, a k a Big Oil. This NY Times editorial spells it out nicely. On top of that, the slick Republicans, particularly those in the House of Representatives, could show their resolve in real photo-op fashion by forfeiting their taxpayer-paid paychecks for a few months.

Senators propose immediate end to ethanol subsidy

About time for this. Ethanol, motorists should know, uses more energy to make than it yields in the end. What a deal.

The great corn con – aka ethanol

Nicely crafted op-ed on the ethanol con in today’s NY Times. Among the line items: Ethanol uses more energy to produce than it gives in the end. It’s a con.